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RM38 Rancho Mirage, California

In follow up to the success of Villas of Mirada, Meriwether is well positioned to develop another successful residential community in Rancho Mirage, CA. Similar to Mirada, this opportunity came to Meriwether before it became available to the general market.

Through its banking relationships, Meriwether was able to acquire 38 acres of raw land in Rancho Mirage, California in 2011 in an off-market transaction from a distressed bank. Following the bank acquisition, Meriwether negotiated the purchase of an additional 5 acres of raw land from an adjacent landowner to connect two large assemblages.

Meriwether re-master planned the site, and expects to achieve its tentative tract map for over 100 residences in 2014. The new community will feature four gated neighborhoods and benefit from an ideal location central to the Coachella Valley’s many amenities.

Project Details

96 residences
Ongoing Project
Coming Soon
Quote from Partner Graham Culp - Rancho Mirage continues to be a desired destination for baby boomers and second homeowners even while having limited development opportunities
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Photo landscape with palm trees and rock formation
Photo overlooking Ranch Mirage
Photo of vintage sign for Rancho Super Car Wash
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Rendering of RM38 main entry landscape elevation
Photo of golf course with mountains in background
RM38 is well located and surrounded by successful neighborhoods currently being developed by premier public home builders
Rendering of site plan
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Photo of hot air balloons floating over landscape