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Edgemont Steamboat Springs, Colorado

The vision for Edgemont was focused on long-term ownership. This proved to be true, as Meriwether realized an 85% pre-construction closure rate and complete inventory sell-out during the height of the economic downturn in 2008.

In 2006, Meriwether, along with an institutional capital partner, acquired one of the last parcels of ski-in, ski-out property on Steamboat Mountain Resort. Meriwether envisioned and entitled a luxurious 130-resident community, christened Edgemont, and immediately began development.

Phase I consisted of 39 residences, under the design concept of high-end residential units with world-class amenities. Facing the challenge of development amidst the height of the economic downturn, Meriwether was still able to realize an 85% pre-construction closure rate, proving that the original vision for long-term benefits to ownership, and execution of that vision rang true to the desires of the current marketplace.

Project Details

129 ski-in, ski-out residences
Quote from Partner Garrett Simon - Edgemont proved to be a unique and rewarding opportunity, realizing one of the final on-mountain land parcels into year-round residences with amenities unrivaled in Steamboat.
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Photo of swimming pool area overlooking city at sunset
Photo of interior kitchen at Edgemont
Photo of exterior of Edgemont building during summer
Photo of exterior of Edgemont building
Phase two, slated for construction in 2015, will consist of lower density, broader range products, and amenities designed to appeal to the next generation of year-round and second home resort buyer
Photo of swimming pool
Photo of exterior of Edgemont building with ski lift and skiers in foreground
Photo of interior living space
The vision for Edgemont as a long-term ownership property proved true, as the development remains sold-out with zero percent turnover
Photo of interior kitchen and living area
Photo of Steamboat Springs ski slopes
Photo of interior bedroom
Photo of interior lounge area