Doug Winter

VP of Operations

VP Doug Winter


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Doug Winter, VP of Operations

VP Doug Winter

As our vice president of operations, Doug focuses on installing and executing a service-driven culture where both guests and team members take away positive, memorable experiences.

When it comes to leading teams, implementing strategy and balancing the challenges of day-to-day operations, Doug is an expert. He understands how to motivate, develop and lead staff members so they exceed industry standards. His strong leadership skills and positive energy deliver results and increase business potential. He’s also skilled in problem solving, growing revenue and client databases. Doug has served as COO, Executive Vice President and Vice president at several successful high volume bar and restaurant concepts, Doug understands chef-driven cuisine, craft cocktail culture, breweries, fast casual and other multi-use concepts.

Among his additional areas of expertise: financial and project management, budgeting, training and development, profitability, staff retention and setting and meeting strategic goals.

I am convinced that our operational success depends on our ability to consistently create positive emotional connections.